Sliding Patio Doors

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Sliding patio doors work well in areas that are surrounded by fantastic scenery or if you live in a house that comes with space constraints. Typically, a sliding door is made from timber frame and glass. If you want a generous amount of natural light to enter your residential area, you can consider going in for a glass sliding patio door. It illuminates your house and gives the illusion of extra space in your house. These doors do not give you any problem, whenever you try to open and close it. Placing a potted plant or any other item near the doorway of these doors does not cause any hindrance. Sliding patio doors are also economical in nature and quick and easy to install.

You need to make sure you use tempered glass when installing these doors as even though normal glass is thick, there is a fair chance that someone slyly entering your house, can break open the door. The door may be particularly cumbersome to slide open and close, if you organize several parties at your home. Although these doors are economical, there are some doors that linger on the higher side of things. You can always contact us at Palmdale Window Replacement Pros for any problems you experience with these doors.

Kinds of Sliding Patio Doors Available

Broadly speaking, there are three kinds of sliding patio doors available. These include the following.

  • Two Panel Sliding Patio Doors: There are two panels in a two panel siding patio door. One panel is fixed while the other panel glides. If you are short on space in your house or there is not much space left on the wall, you can make use of these doors.
  • Three Panel Sliding Patio Doors: These doors let an additional amount of sunshine enter your residential area. It consists of two fixed and one sliding panel in the centre that can slide on either side of the fixed panels. These doors also give you a wide view of your surroundings.
  • Four Panel Sliding Patio Doors: A four panel sliding door naturally gives you a wider opening as it comes with two fixed and two moving panels. This makes it easier to shift huge furniture in and out of the door. If you have a living room with balcony, you can even merge the two together by installing this kind of sliding door.

At Palmdale Window Replacement Pros, we will offer you sound advice so that you get the best door installed in your residential area.